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Recall Alert! IKEA Crib And Bed Canopies

PUBLISHED ON 03/21/2014

IKEA announced a recall on about 255,000 of their baby and child's crib and bed canopies , including these models:  LEGENDARISK, MINNEN bed Canopy set, BARNSLIG BOLL, MINNEN Brodyr, HIMMEL, FABLER, TISSLA and KLÄMMIG. The products were recalled due to potential strangulation hazards associated with the canopies.

Here’s what you need to know:

LEGENDARISK has article number 600.506.81 and is a white canopy with golden crowns printed on the white fabric. MINNEN Bed Canopy Set has article number 900.877.58 and is a white canopy with golden swirl decorations printed on the edge of the fabric. BARNSLIG Boll has article number 201.078.30 and is a white canopy with a red pointed top.

MINNEN Brodyr has article number 501.076.78 and is a white canopy with green leaf decorations sewn on the fabric. HIMMEL canopies come in four colors, all with pointed tops; HIMMEL Green has article number 701.376.41, HIMMEL White/Blue has article number 201.758.38, HIMMEL Blue has article number 901.376.40 and HIMMEL Pink has article number 101.376.39.

FABLER has article number 201.308.78 and is a white canopy with the multicolored dots and upside-down triangles sewn on the fabric. TISSLA has article number 902.367.15 and is a light pink canopy with pink laces sewn on the fabric. KLÄMMIG has article number 928.165.95 and is a yellow canopy with the stand clamped to the frame of the crib.

The Consumer Products Safety Commission reports that even though about 255,000 of the bed canopies are being recalled in the U.S., the recall affects 2.6 million of the products worldwide. Thankfully, no injuries have been reported, but IKEA has received reports of entanglement when the netted fabric was pulled into the cribs and beds and got wrapped around a 7-month-old's neck.

The canopies were sold at IKEA stores and online from August 1996 through March 2014 for between $10 and $30.

What to do if you own any of the recalled products:

Stop using the bed canopy immediately and bring back to any IKEA store for a full refund, or contact IKEA toll-free (888) 966-4532.

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