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profile picture of Rachel Sylvester
Rachel Sylvester
Assistant Editor, The Knot

Reese Witherspoon (Finally!) Talks About Her Pregnancy

PUBLISHED ON 06/25/2012

We've known Reese Witherspoon is pregnant for months, but the mom of two has stayed tight-lipped about her third pregnancy — until now.

While in Chicago this past weekend for an event at The Ritz-Carlton, the actress accepted a compliment while admitting, "Thanks, but frankly, I'm feeling very round tonight." She then went on to joke with a Chicago Sun Times reporter while discussing the temptations of the city's deep-dish pizza saying, "I'm always feeling like I'd like to eat everything in sight!"

This is the first time Reese has talked publicly about her pregnancy, let alone her cravings — even though she started to show signs of a growing baby bump in early spring.

After describing her current project to a reporter, Reese concluded by exclaiming, "After I finish that, I'm going to take a little time off — to go and have a baby!"

Expected in either late summer or early fall, the new addition will join siblings Deacon and Ava (their dad is actor Ryan Phillippe) as well as first-time dad and Witherspoon's second husband, agent Jim Toth. Congratulations to the growing family!

What did you think of Reese's approach to pregnancy rumors? How soon after you knew you were pregnant did you start sharing the news?

PHOTO: Wire Image/The Bump