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Remembering the First IVF Mom

PUBLISHED ON 06/21/2012

Lesley Brown, the first woman to successfully undergo IVF treatment, died at age 64 on June 6th. Lesley gave birth to the first IVF baby, her daughter Louise, in July 1978. She had another daughter, Natalie, via IVF a few years later. Louise spoke to The Telegraph  about her mother saying, “Mum was a very quiet and private person who ended up in the world spotlight because she wanted a family so much. We are all missing her terribly.”

Louise’s birth helped pave the way for more successful IVF treatments and procedures for other people who've wanted families just as badly. And for that, we remember her fondly.

Has IVF touched your life? If so, tell us how.

PHOTO: Thinkstock / The Bump