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Robert Downey Jr. And Susan Downey Are Expecting A Baby Girl!

PUBLISHED ON 07/10/2014

There's going to be an Iron Baby coming out this fall, since Robert Downey Jr. and his wife of almost nine years,  Susan Downey , are expecting a baby girl!

Robert proudly announced the news by covering all of his social media bases yesterday, writing on Facebook, "Um. I don't know if it's a 'man's world,' but I'm certain women run it. Susan and I are therefore delighted to announce we are expecting a baby. Girl. November. rdj."

He also spread the news on Twitter and tweeted, "Yo. Susan. Me. Baby. Girl. November. Scorpio?"

And just to make sure we got the message, he posted on Instagram:

This is one proud dad, that's for sure! Baby girl Downey will be joining big brother Exton, two years old, and Indio, 20 years old, Robert's son from a previous marriage.

Maybe the wee Scorpio gal will even inherit a little bit of Iron Man's strength and Sherlock Holmes's smarts!

How did you know you wanted a second baby?

PHOTO: Photo: Instagram