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Rosie O’Donnell’s Babywearing Shirt Promotes Skin-to-Skin Contact

PUBLISHED ON 01/25/2013

If you've read the parenting books — or seen a few episodes of Grey's Anatomy — you've probably heard that skin-to-skin contact (a.k.a. kangaroo care) is good for newborns.

Holding baby directly to your skin is said to help regulate baby's heart rate, breathing and body temperature; calm and relax both mom and baby; help preterm babies fight infection, grow and develop better; and promote bonding. So basically, it's all-around an awesome idea.

And Rosie O'Donnell seems to be a big fan of skin-to-skin contact! The funny woman recently posted a photo of herself holding her two-week-old baby girl, Dakota, using a special babywearing shirt. "NuRoo Baby... a wonderful baby carrier with skin-on-skin contact. Love it," wrote Rosie.

Basically, the NuRoo is a baby-carrier-meets-shirt, and we're loving how it can keep your hands free to do other things while you're snuggling with baby. (You might feel like an actual kangaroo, but there's nothing wrong with that!) It's available for $60 at

What do you think of the NuRoo — would you use it?

PHOTO: Instagram / Courtesy of the manufacturer