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Rosie Pope Live-Tweets Birth!

PUBLISHED ON 05/14/2012

Congrats to _Pregnant in Heels _star, Rosie Pope! She got the best Mother's Day gift on Sunday — a baby girl named Vivienne Madison. Of course, nothing is off-limits with the reality TV star and she actually live-tweeted her delivery (with her husband Daron stepping in later during labor). Check out some of her tweets:


"Ahhhhh these contractions are so bad, I've asked for the epidural but it's not working...please start working!"

"8 cm dilated, feeling whoozzy epidural is kicking in. So excited but so anxious, just want to hold my baby in my arms"

"9 cm...holy moly pushing in 30 emotional..thinking about my boys, they're going to meet their sister soon"

"Rosie now itching legs, nausea coming on strong. She's talking about only one thing: healthy baby girl" —Daron taking over with the live-tweeting

"Daron here: let the pushing begin! After 1st vomit, she started pushing. She's doing great."

She doesn't really hold back, right? Would you ever live-tweet your labor?

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