Top 21 Traditional Royal Name Predictions Fit for the Future King Of England

ByKylie McConville
Feb 2016
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All eyes on are London as we await the name Prince William and Kate Middleton have chosen for their delicious royal baby boy! The proud new parents have thanked hospital staff for their tremendous care, however, they stayed mum on monikers for their little prince. But the bets are on! So far, betting agencies have taken in over 1.5 million dollars on baby’s name alone.

Here’s what the bookies are hinting at:

A spokesperson for Ladbrokes (a betting agency in the U.K.) told CNN Money that they’re taking in an “average of 900 bets an hour on the baby’s name, a record for royal-related betting.” The big money is on James, George and Alexander as big-time possibilities, while names like Arthur and Henry are a bit further off. The Ladbrokes spokesperson said, “James is the red-hot favourite.”

Betting agency Paddy Power thinks that George is the red-hot choice that Wills and Kate will go with. Currently, the name carries 6/1 odds. Alexander carries 18/1 odds, James carries 11/1, the name Henry carries 20/1 odds and Arthur and Albert came in with 33/1 odds.

But don’t be too surprised if we have to sweat this one out waiting for the big name reveal. When Prince William was born, Princess Diana and Prince Charles waited a full week before settling on a name and when Prince Charles was born,  Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip waited a full month before choosing a name for their first-born.

So, what are the hopefuls Wills and Kate will have to choose from? There’s a long list of male names on both sides that would be adorable for a little prince, but powerful enough for a future king. Here are the names we love:

Jamesinspired by Kate’s younger brother, James Middleton

Georgeinspired by Queen Elizabeth’s late father, King George

Spencerinspired by William’s late mother, Princess Diana’s, madien name

Frances (or Francis)inspired by Kate’s father, Michael’s, middle name as well as the King of England, Scotland, France and Ireland

Phillipinspired by William’s grandfather (and husband of Queen Elizabeth), Prince Phillip, the Duke of Edinburgh

Henry — inspired by Prince Harry’s given name, Henry

Alexanderinspired by the King of Scotland, King Alexander

Richard (or Richie)by Prince Edward’s full royal given name, Edward Antony Richard Louis

Charlesinspired by William’s father, Prince Charles, as well as Princess Diana’s youngest brother, the ninth Earl of Spencer

Louisinspired by Prince William’s royal name, William Arthur Philip Louis

Andrewinspired by Prince Charles’ younger brother, Prince Andrew, the Duke of York

Harryinspired by William’s brother, Prince Harry’s informal nickname

Christian — inspired by Prince Andrew’s royal given name, Andrew Albert Christian Edward

Williaminspired by first-time daddy William, as well as Kate’s brother, James’, middle name

Arthurinspired by Prince William’s middle name

Frederick —

Albert — inspired by Prince Andrew’s royal given name, Andrew Albert Christian Edward

Davidinspired by the fact that Queen Victoria believed that the royal family members were direct descendants of King David

Michael — inspired by Kate Middleton’s father, Michael Middleton

Albertinspired by Prince Harry’s royal middle name, Henry Charles Albert David

Edwardinspired by Prince Charles youngest brother, Prince Edward, the Earl of Wessex, as well as Princess Diana’s father, Edward Spencer, the eighth Earl of Spencer

What do you think William and Kate will name their son?

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