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Prince George and Princess Charlotte Nail Their Sibling Photos

PUBLISHED ON 06/08/2015

Finally, the Christmas card-worthy photos of the royal siblings you've been waiting for! This weekend, Kensington Palace released the first official images of Prince George and Princess Charlotte together.

The best part? Mom and dad didn't hire a professional photographer for the sweet sibling shoot; Kate Middleton took the photos herself.

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The photos of almost-2-year-old Prince George carefully holding his little sister were shared on the British Monarchy Facebook page along with the Kensington Palace Instagram and Twitter.

Just because you aren't royalty doesn't mean you can't take some adorable new sibling photos. Here, five of our favorites.

Stevi and Matt Savage


Bethanne Arthur Photography


Naissance Photography


Luna Bella Photography


Nicole Lenzen Photography

PHOTO: Kate Middelton