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Abigail Green

Saying Goodbye To My Son’s Nursery

PUBLISHED ON 09/19/2012

The women arrived at my house, some of them waddling slightly and rubbing their big bellies. They brought husbands, toddlers, minivans and cash. They were there to buy the baby items I’d put up for sale on Craigslist. My youngest child is now 3 ½, in a “big boy” bed, and shares a room with his brother. We have no need for a crib or nursery anymore.

I was eager to get rid of all the baby stuff, truth be told. It takes up so much space, collects dust, adds clutter to an already cluttered house. I gave away whatever I could to friends or charity. Consigned some stuff, posted the rest online. I didn’t expect the furniture to sell so fast. Anyone who’s been down the Craigslist road knows it’s usually a lot of waiting, reposting and responding to “Is it still available?” emails.

So I was a little caught off guard when I suddenly looked around the nursery and it was empty. A family, unexpectedly expecting again, had showed up for the crib and offered to buy the rest of the furniture. Sold! Now there I was, sitting on the soft beige rug surrounded only by dust bunnies and memories.

Like most new moms, I had spent ages decorating the nursery when I was pregnant. Armed with paint samples and fabric swatches, I chose exactly the right shade of light green paint for the walls, the softest rug, the perfect bedding and curtains. I lost weeks of my life stressing about the rocking chair, and had a mini-meltdown when the crib finish turned out not to be the exact same shade as the dresser. I spent hours choosing and framing the wall art myself. My husband even installed crown molding, a project he’s never attempted before or since.

I loved that nursery. It was so pretty and peaceful. I loved how the light filled the room in the morning, and how the windows looked out over the trees, bursting with buds or brightly colored leaves, depending on the season. I loved how the room smelled like baby. I literally spent all hours of the day and night in that room when my babies were small. And now it was time to let it all go.

As I look at the migraine-inducing mishmash of superheroes and sports teams and Angry Birds that my older boys’ room has turned into, I mourn the loss of my pretty, perfect nursery. It helps knowing that all the baby stuff is going to new homes. It will be used and loved by other families with other babies. They will put their little ones to sleep in the crib, change their diapers on the changing table, feed them in the high chair. The nursery will become our home office once again. But I’m keeping the green walls.

When did you say "goodbye" to your child's nursery? Was it an easy or tough transition?

PHOTO: Veer / The Bump