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Should Changing Tables In Men’s Rooms Be Required By Law?

PUBLISHED ON 06/12/2014

Just in time for Father's Day , dads all over the country's voices are being heard over one (literally) messy topic: changing tables.

Even though some men's rooms do have changing tables, it's usually only women's restrooms that have them, making changing diapers for dads by themselves that much harder.

But California's legislature has two "potty parity" bills currently under review in the state assembly to ensure that both men and women have equal access to public restroom changing tables.

At this time, there are no federal laws requiring so.

"That is basically straight up saying only women change diapers — men don’t change diapers. That’s just not acceptable in 2014 and beyond. It’s just not,” Doyin Richards, a supporter of the bill, told Today. “Dads like me who are really involved with their children and want to actively be with them and help their kids are very frustrated by this.”

Also, a new government study does show that 90 percent of dads who live with their babies bathe, diaper and dress them nearly every day, making this situation even more urgent.

Are you surprised that there aren't changing tables in all men's rooms by now?

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