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Should Women Talk About Their Miscarriages?

PUBLISHED ON 04/03/2012

An award-winning piece sculpture series explores the topic of miscarriage — something that a lot of women keep secret or hidden. The International Museum of Women held a contest online where women could vote for their favorite piece of art revolving around the theme of motherhood. The winning piece, “Breakdown in the Closet” was a series on the subject of miscarriage created by Pakistani-American artist Humaira Abid. According to the Huffington Post, finalists were selected from 600 submissions around the world and over a thousand women voted for the piece, many contacted the Museum to voice their praise for bringing a meaningful issue into the spotlight.

The wooden sculpture series depicts a family’s wardrobe with the parents’ clothes (which are brown) hanging on a rack and a baby’s outfit on the floor and stained red to represent loss. The artist said, “I am from a country and society where showing your emotions and expressing your opinion is not welcomed – especially if you are a woman. Many experiences and roles of women are not properly appreciated. They are simply considered to be their duty or part of life.” Humaira hopes that her artwork will raise this issue and show that miscarriages happen to a lot of women and these women don’t have to go through the pain alone.

We totally agree with Humaira's point of view. Women do need support and a place to talk about their emotions. If you had a miscarriage and are looking for a safe place to get support, try visiting to our community boards.

What do you think of this piece of art? Do you believe miscarriage is a “taboo” subject?