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Should You Keep Baby’s Name A Secret?

PUBLISHED ON 01/17/2013

Kim Kardashian is making headlines this week because she and her boyfriend, Kanye West, will most likely keep their baby's name a secret. Yep, a secret. As in no, they're not going to tell everyone right away.

We were all pretty shocked too. But it's all part of the reality TV star's desire to keep the personal, well, personal. She says, "I feel like I have divulged so much in the past. Not that that was wrong, but I just choose to be a little bit more private this time around, just for me and my family." While we can't lie that we're all a little surprised by the mama-to-be's decision, it's not a revolutionary idea. Parents-to-be opt to keep baby's name a secret (or share the name) for all types of reasons. Our Bump community weighed in on why they opted to tell or stay mum on their little one's name and here's what they said:

"We're keeping it a secret from everyone in real life. We just wanted to decide on our own, without outside influence and reserve the right to change our minds whenever we want. My feelings would be hurt if I knew someone close to us didn't like our names, and I don't think anyone will say anything negative after the baby is here." - Jessica H.

"My bestie told everybody her name and regretted it because everybody gave their opinion that it was an overly popular name. She loved the name and didn't end up changing it, but definitely advised that we keep it a secret. I run my name ideas by my mom and best friend just too make sure they aren't too crazy. My friend is also pregnant and we want to make sure we don't accidentally pick the same name." - Lena

"We kept our second daughter's name a secret.  Not because we were afraid people would talk about it or judge it, but just because we are mean and wanted to surprise everyone." - Gloria

"I'm happy to discuss possible names throughout my entire pregnancy. I'm fine with people in real life not liking a name I love for any reason. Sometimes people come up with reasons that are compelling enough for me to reconsider a name, but most of the time it's just a matter of different tastes and/or opinions." - Leslie

"We are definitely keeping our names a secret. I have already had a few issues with people suggesting names to us and then others saying how much they hate that name, some of which have been on our list." -Evelyn

"We are keeping our name a secret as well, given the fertility treatments, I feel like nothing in this pregnancy has been a secret and would like to have at least one surprise. We also aren't picking a name that we expect people will automatically like (a bit unusual) and would rather not hear all the judgments. It seems once the name is actually attached to a real baby that people can see and hold there seems to be a lot less criticism." - Danielle

"I don't plan on finding out the gender when the time comes, and I plan on keeping name options a secret as well. Everyone in my family has kept names secret, so it's just what's expected. Also, a friend of mine just had a baby and shared his name ahead of time. He was also a scheduled C-section so there really wasn't any surprise factor at all...kind of took the fun out of it all! Doesn't make the baby any less adorable, but t would have been nice to have at least a bit of a surprise." - Mariah

"We will be revealing the gender but keeping the name a secret until s/he is born. I want something to be a surprise. and I don't want anyone else's opinion." - Ethel

"We have chosen our names, one boy name and one girl name. Then we won't be telling anyone what gender we're having until he/she it gets here. They'll have to guess the names, like a game! I'll give them some hints and they'll have to guess until they get it right." - Marnie

*Names have been changed.

What do you think? To tell, or not to tell?

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