The Strangest Solar Eclipse Pregnancy Superstitions We’ve Heard

Just like the eclipse itself, these aren't worth looking into too deeply.
ByAnisa Arsenault
Associate Editor
Aug 2017
Women wearing eclipse glasses
Photo: iStock

You’ve heard plenty of old wives tales about pregnancy. If you’re carrying low, it’s a boy. If you experience excessive heartburn, your baby will be hairy. Both are untrue. Equally untrue? These pregnancy superstitions surrounding today’s total eclipse of the sun. Just like the eclipse itself, they’re not worth looking into too deeply.

1. Going outside during the eclipse can cause babies to be born with facial deformities.

2. Using a knife, scissors or any sharp object will also cause baby to be born with facial deformities.

3. You need to bathe as soon as it’s over.

4. Lie straight in bed during the eclipse so baby doesn’t develop crooked joints.

5. Make sure you’re wearing red underwear to prevent cleft palate.

Why all this talk about facial deformities? According to Aztec legend, the eclipse is the result of a bite being taken out of the moon. So somehow, this translates into superstitions about a bite being taken out of baby’s face.

Don’t worry; the eclipse won’t harm your baby in any way. But as you’ve probably heard, it can harm your retinas. Make sure to avoid looking at the sun or to wear eclipse glasses if you plan to watch.

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