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Some Moms Can’t Afford to Go Back To Work

PUBLISHED ON 04/18/2012

Yup, you read that right. You’d think it would be the other way around — that moms have to go back to work because their families need the extra income. But for some moms, it will actually cost them more money to go back to work than stay at home. According the CNN Money, after factoring in the cost of child care, transportation costs and other work-related expenses (like lunch, dry cleaning, etc.), moms have found that going back to work wasn’t worth it.

It may make more sense for moms to stay home to save money on childcare and other costs, but some families are still struggling to make ends meet with only one person bringing in the income. And also, what about the moms who do want to go back to their careers? It’s a complicated decision.

Do you think it’s hard to afford to go back to work? Are you going back to work after baby or do you plan on staying home?

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