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Soon-to-Be Grandma’s Gift To Daughter Is The Ultimate Labor Of Love

PUBLISHED ON 01/09/2014

Ready for a story that will blow the lid of your Emotion-o-Meter? In Utah, a soon to-be grandma is planning to give birth to her granddaughter. Yep, you read that right, but for reiteration's sake, I'll repeat: A soon-to-be grandmother is planning to give birth to her granddaughter.

Julia Navarro is the gestational surrogate for her daughter, Lorena McKinnon, because Lorena has struggled with fertility issues for years and could not conceive on her own. Lorena and Micah, her husband, had been trying to conceive for three years and endured more than a dozen miscarriages (their longest pregnancy lasting only 10 weeks) before they started looking into surrogacy. According to Lorena, she was considering asking both her sister and a close friend to be their surrogate before receiving a life-changing offer from her mom, Julia.

Julia offered to carry her daughter's baby, a beautiful act of love that made a family a reality for Lorena. She told The Salt Lake Tribune, "As a family, we have to help each other," and it couldn't be more true. Our families are where we lay our first roots, take our first chances, make our first mistakes, shed our first tears, our first laughs, our first smiles. Lorena and Micah's fertility journey may be unconventional but of course, whose isn't?

In order to carry her grandbaby, Julia underwent three months of hormone shots before the fertilized embryo (from both Lorena and Micah) was implanted. And despite the literal labor of love, doctors still feared the worst. Because of Julia's age (she's 58) there was only a 48 percent chance the implantation would be successful. To no one's surprise, Julia and baby are doing just fine, now one month away from her official February due date. The couple, gearing up to be first-time parents, are overjoyed and overwhelmed.

And grandma-to-be is just as floored by the opportunity to carry her granddaughter — and her extraordinary altruism doesn't stop there. She said, "I was praying, 'If this baby works, I am going to help others. I would like to donate some of the money from my baby shower to children in Peru who don't have parents or moms or dads who need help."

Personally, there's no greater gift.

Did you consider surrogacy?

PHOTO: Photo Courtesy of Al Hartmann, The Salt Lake Tribune