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Sperm Killer! Your Partner’s High-Fat Diet

PUBLISHED ON 03/15/2012

Your guy’s diet could be lowering his sperm count. A new study in Human Reproduction, shows that men who eat a lot of fatty foods have a 40 percent lower sperm count that men who eat healthier foods. Between December 2006 and August 2010, researchers analyzed the diet habits and sperm quality of 99 men. They found that the men who consumed high amounts of saturated fats had about 35-percent lower sperm count and 38-percent lower sperm concentration than the men who consumed fewer saturated fats did. Also, the men who consumed more omega-3 fatty acids had a 1.9% higher sperm quality than men who didn’t consume as many of them.

According to the American Heart Association, saturated fats are found in meat and dairy products (like fatty beef, lamb, pork, poultry with skin, cream, butter and cheese. They are also found in baked goods and fried foods. The American Heart Association recommends limiting the amount of saturated fats to less 7 percent of your total daily calories. So you might want to tell your guy to reduce the fatty foods his diet, and to make sure he’s eating enough fish, nuts and veggies — which have omega-3s.

Do you believe that fatty foods would harm sperm? Would you make your partner stop eating high-fat foods if you were trying to conceive?

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