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Step-by-Step Pumpkin Carving Made Easy!

PUBLISHED ON 10/12/2014

Maybe you haven't carved a pumpkin since you were a kid, but now that baby's here, it's time to bring back tradition. It's messy, it's time consuming and it's a true art, but a step-by-step tutorial will have you showing that jack-o'-lantern who's boss.

What you'll need:

  • Basic pumpkin-carving kit (available at party stores)
  • Kitchen knife
  • Large spoon
  • Painter's tape
  • Template ( Click here to download)

Use the small serrated knife from the pumpkin-carving kit to cut out your design; those knives are easier to handle and much safer to use than regular kitchen knives. And be sure to protect your work surface by covering it with a newspaper or a drop cloth.

Step 1: Clean your pumpkin with a gentle spray cleanser and paper towels (if it’s really dirty, give it a bath in the sink).

Step 2: Cut off the stem of the pumpkin by slicing around the stem a few inches out. Angular cuts will make it easier for the stem to rest back in the pumpkin once you’re finished.

Step 3:  Gently but firmly pull out the stem. If it doesn’t come free, re-cut the perimeter.

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