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A 'Stork Drop' Adoption Made This Family Complete

PUBLISHED ON 07/28/2015

For Sarah and David Olson, completing their family took a giant leap of faith.

After two complicated pregnancies, the Minnesota couple knew they'd take a different route to bring home the third child they'd always wanted. Adoption made the most sense; both David's father and sister-in-law were adopted, and Sarah's niece was recently adopted from China.

"We both have incredibly favorable attitudes towards adoption," David told ABC News. "We prayed about this idea and didn’t tell anyone for a while."

They got in contact with Christian Adoption Consultants, and four near-matches fell through.

Then, the call came.

"Are you ready for a miracle?" their adoption consultant said. "We have a stork drop situation and if you say yes, this is your daughter!”

No medical information, no family history, no previous contact with the birth mother — that's a stork** drop adoption**. All the "what-if's" and unpreparedness deter many families from moving forward with this type of adoption. But with blind trust, the couple drove to Tallahassee to meet their new daughter.

"We walked into the room expecting to meet our baby, but it was empty. The charge nurse was busy and couldn’t bring her down yet. Another wait. Those 20 minutes may have been hours," David said. "But the time came and she was rolled in. As soon as we saw her, our hearts felt complete. There are no words to describe it. How to you explain love for a human you just met? That is the power of adoption."

The couple is finalizing the paperwork for their daughter, Tilly, who will soon join big brothers Zakary and Levi at home.

PHOTO: Olson Family