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Style of the Week: Our Own Sarah Newell

PUBLISHED ON 04/11/2012

We're totally obsessed with our lifestyle editor Sarah Newell's pregnancy style (seriously, we predict she'll end up as our "Style of the Week" at least a few more times before she gives birth this summer). She's the maternity fashion icon I wish I had when I was pregnant. I mean, just yesterday, this woman flitted from a Today show appearance to a photo shoot for The Bump magazine, without seeming the least bit fazed (or sweaty, like I would have been!) and looked completely put together at both. This is just one example of Sarah's pretty outfits.

What's Sarah's wearing here (disclaimer: none of it is actually maternity clothing — she can still get away with it!):

Shoes by Jessica Simpson from Macy's, tights by Vera Wang for Kohl's, dress by Anna Sui from Anthropologie, cardigan by BCBG from Macy's, vintage turquoise beaded necklace from a flea market, carved turquoise rose beaded necklace from Urban Outfitters, glasses by La Font

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PHOTO: The Blush / The Bump