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Superstorm Sandy Baby Boom — We’ve Got The Details!

PUBLISHED ON 03/01/2013

Not so long ago, Superstorm Sandy damaged coast lines and homes all up and down the east coast. The storm even resulted in unprecedented disruptions to our every day family life. For many, it was lights out for weeks. So even though the storm was costly, was terrible and was a huge inconvenience for so many — it looks like our moms found a way to pass all that downtime: with some good ole' fashioned babymaking!

At first we didn't believe it, but it's true! Moms are fessing up that they're due come spring and summer and it's all thanks to Sandy!

The New York Post caught up with Linda Roberts, a nurse manager at an OB/GYN office in Westchester, NY. She told the paper, "We started noticing a couple of weeks ago that we were getting really busy with phone calls and lab results and charts. We were like, what is going on here? And then all of a sudden, it dawned on me! This is right about the time when people would be coming in because they got pregnant during Hurricane Sandy."

Midtown Manhattan is also seeing a pee stick positive spike. Dr. Jacques Moritz of St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital said, "Oh yeah, we've seen our share of Sandy babies. I've had five or six who have come in and pointed out to me, ‘This is a Sandy baby!'... This group will be known as Sandy babies and proud of it. They have no qualms on that."

So what are our moms-to-be saying about the Sandy baby boom?

"We conceived during the hurricane — we had no power for 6 days and had no school (I'm a teacher) for a full week.  I'm due July 24 but my first doctor's appointment isn't until December 17!  I can't wait anymore!" - Sarah J.*

"I think we conceived on the 28th. We didn't lose power, but we found other ways to occupy those rainy days! Our due date looks to be July 21." - Megan P.

"Definitely a hurricane weekend baby here." - Heather H.

"We found out during the hurricane, so it was nice to be off from work and share the day." - Martha B.

"We conceived during the hurricane. We lost power for 5 days and I had IUI day before hurricane hit." - Ellie T.

"Definitely having a hurricane baby — conceived on the 28th or 29th. I hope the hospitals aren't too busy in nine months!!" - Harriet T.

"We were on vacation when Sandy hit and everything closed down so we stayed in at our bed and breakfast and kept ourselves occupied. Haven't had our first doctor's appointment yet but I'm thinking we conceived on Oct 30th or Oct 31st." - Bethenny Q.

"Definitely conceived during Hurricane Sandy!!!!" - Lorianne R.

"We conceived during the hurricane. We would have been trying to conceive during that time anyway, but being home without power certainly made fitting in time to bd a lot easier!" - Mae Y.

"We conceived Oct 30th as well! We didn't lose power but my husband was off from school the next day he's a teacher, so we stayed up late and made a baby!" - Nora J.

"We did, too!  I think the east coast can expect an increase in July 2013 babies." - Hannah H.

"We call our baby Hurricane Sandy since that's when we conceived!" - Jacqueline D.

Looks like our moms are busy!

*Names have been changed.

When did you conceive your little one?

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