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‘Teen Mom’ Star Farrah Abraham Waxed Her Daughter’s Uni-brow

PUBLISHED ON 01/08/2013

'Teen Mom' starlets know all about drama. Especially Farrah Abraham, mama to adorable daughter Sophia, 3. The 20-year-old made a name for herself by first starring in MTV's series 16 & Pregnant as a pregnant teen and from there, reached reality TV notoriety on the spinoff Teen Mom. 

Her tumultuous relationship with her mother and father made Farrah a drama-machine on the show, especially when she relocated cross-country with her baby girl. But since the show ending, Farrah authored a book, created a spaghetti sauce and is working hard on other ventures to provide for herself and for little Sophia. Recently though, the Teen Mom's parenting has been called into question...

Farrah took to her blog about her decision to wax her 3-year-old's uni-brow. After noticing the uni-brow and "feeling bad" for her daughter, the mom pooled fellow mommy friends on what to do. Let it grow? Wax it? Is this just a hormonal phase?

But while her baby girl slept, Farrah decided to make a quick-fix of it all, plucking Sophia's stray hairs. And now, looking back on it all, how does she feel about the whole ordeal?

Read more about Farrah's decision to pluck Sophia's uni-brow and how it made her feel on CelebrityBabyScoop.


PHOTO: Twitter / The Bump