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A New Kind of Pregnancy Test: Your Partner Finds Out First

What if a *person* broke the news instead of a stick?
PUBLISHED ON 04/17/2017

The moment you find out you're pregnant, everything changes. But take a second to really think about that moment. Where are you? Who's with you? For most women, the answer is in a bathroom, all alone.

An Italian company is looking to change that experience. Inspired by all the creative and emotional ways women tell their partners they're pregnant, Tempo set out to create a test that relays results to a partner before the woman who's trying to conceive. That way, he or she can break the news, allowing the mom-to-be to share her initial, joyful moment of knowing.

How does it work? Tempo looks and functions like a standard pee-on-a-stick test, but it's both digital and wifi-enabled. Both you and your partner will need to download an app on your phones that syncs with the test. After you've tested and three minutes have gone by, it will send the results to your partner's phone, but not yours. That way, the onus of breaking the news falls on them.

Of course, this product isn't for everyone. Maybe you want that moment to yourself. Or maybe you think your partner would pass out at the sight of a postive. Either way, it's too soon to give it a try; right now, Tempo is just a prototype.

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