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Texas Quintuplets Finally Come Home!

PUBLISHED ON 02/08/2013

Make way for not one, not two — but five! — happy, healthy babies!

A Texas family, Gavin and Carrie Jones, welcomed quintuplets into the world on August 9th and the happy family brought home the last of their quints this week!

Carrie and Gavin, also parents to a 9-year-old son named Issac, told the Dallas News that things have been "a little hectic." But the proud mama of six was over the moon, saying, "we are just so happy, happy, happy to have Seth home; the hectic is okay."

Seth was the last of the quints to leave the hospital due to severe breathing problems and he was welcomed home to 5 brothers and sisters — Will, David, Marcie, Grace and big brother Issac — and a mom and dad who were eagerly waiting for him! Though they are all home, the babies will continue to receive medical attention. Their doctor, Dr. Rashmin Savini, is proud to report that the infants are "making steady progress."

The family has started a blog to chronicle their journey through Carrie's pregnancy. The blog will now follow them through parenting quintuplets and a 9-year-old son — and it's no surprise the blog gets over a million hits, as reports!

So what is like with 5 babies + 1 soon-to-be teenager?

Gavin Jones says, "there's never a baby without a need. Every once in a while, we have one or two babies asleep, but it's never-ending neediness."

And there's no shortage of outside help, either. On average, the family has 25 volunteers to help them get through the day-to-day routine until all of the children have grown and are on similar schedules.

If we were close enough to lend a hand, we definitely would — but we wish the Jones family the best and are so happy that their entire brood is finally home together!

PHOTO: Photo Courtesy of the Jones Family blog