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The Duggars Spend $3,000 on Groceries Each Month!

PUBLISHED ON 04/11/2012

And you thought shopping for your family was hard. Try buying groceries for 19 kids — plus grandkids! We’re imagining an army of Duggars running around the grocery store — kind of like that old game show Supermarket Sweep (anyone remember that?!).

Well, Michelle Duggar of the TLC show 19 Kids and Counting told Today that they spend about $3,000 on groceries a month to feed their hungry brood. Michelle said that they do one big grocery shopping trip a month, plus smaller weekly visits.

According to Today, a typical Duggar shopping list for just one day includes:

3 dozen eggs

5 lbs. of turkey bacon

20 biscuits

10 oranges

4 lbs. of grapes

3 loaves of whole wheat bread

4 lbs. of sloppy joe meat

3 lbs. of green beans

3 lbs. of potatoes

2 watermelons

2 family-size bags of lettuce

4 lbs. of spaghetti noodles

3 loaves of French bread

2 pans of brownies

1 gallon of vanilla ice cream

That’s a ton of food! How does your grocery shopping budget compare to the Duggars?