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The Royal Baby’s Godparents: Just Who Will Prince William And Kate Middleton Choose?

PUBLISHED ON 07/29/2013

If you thought the Royal Baby's name was long — wait until you hear how many godparents the future king of England is fit to have!

While Little Prince Georgie enjoys his downtime with mom and dad at his grandparents' home in Bucklebury, England, the rest of the world is gearing up for the next royal baby preview: his christening! Apparently, palace prep work is already underway for George's christening (slated to take place in early fall). And forget about the stress Kate Middleton and Prince William are under trying to choose just two godparents for their future king — because according to U.K. tradition, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will have to pick _ six godparents _ for their baby boy. Traditionally, the Royal Family picks three women and three men and Heavens, are the bets heating up!

The British betting firm that made a hefty cash-cow taking in bets on the royal baby's due date (and name), Ladbrokes, is at it again and this time, they're collecting cash on just who Kate and Will will name as the royal babe's godparents. To the surprise of no one, Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton are the ranking favorites. Though there are no official "rules" to follow, Kate and Will's choice has the future of England riding on it. In America, we pick godparents for the baby through family or close friends — and they're typically seen as the people who look after and care for our children just like they were their own. But in the U.K, when your godchild is third in line to be the King of England, the responsibilities change just a smidgen. Prince William's godparents are: Lady Susan Hussey (the Queen's lady-in-waiting), the former king of Greece, Constantine, Princess Alexandra, his cousin, Lord Romsey, also his cousin, Natalia Grosvenor, the Duchess of Westminster and the explorer Sir Laurens van der Post, a close friend of Will's dad, Prince Charles.

Here's who might take the cake as one of the Royal Six:

Prince Harry

Aside the fact that Will and Harry are brothers, Harry seems like the top choice for godfather to baby George. Can you just imagine how much fun (AKA trouble) these two would have together? We can — and we can't wait!

James Middleton

We think that Kate might want to honor her little brother as godparent to the royal babe. Asking him to be a part of the baby's upbringing is a great way to merge the two families together in a modern way. Who knows, Will and Kate could buck tradition entirely and if so, James would be first on our list to choose!

David Beckham

Never say never! The Becks and his wife, Victoria, were invited to the royal nuptials — and the foursome have been friends for years. Even though a red hot celebrity has never been picked to be a royal godparent, there's a first time for everything. Not to mention, David is a father (four times over!), so he's most likely got a wealth of knowledge to pass on to the royal baby.

Pippa Middleton

You can't list potential godparent candidates without putting Pippa somewhere on the list. She was maid of honor in her sister's wedding and was perhaps even more attention-grabbing than Kate was on her big day (okay fine, she wasn't, but you get what I mean). Makes sense that Pippa would be a first-choice for the godmother.

Zara Tindall

With a baby on the way of her own, playing godmum to baby George might be the perfect way to introduce Zara to parenthood. Both royal babies will grow up together — and Will and Zara are apparently very close, so if she's on the list, we wouldn't be surprised!

Tiggy Legge-Bourke

This could be a little controversial, but we think it's totally a possibility. After William's parents divorce, Tiggy took over as nanny for William and Harry and spent a lot of time with the boys, raising them (when they weren't with their mum) and looking after them. Second to his parents' influence, Tiggy could also be credited for making William into the man he is today. Seems like William might want to pay her the highest respect and ask her to be grandmother to his own baby boy. Talk about a full circle story!

Who do you think William and Kate will choose as the royal baby's godparents?

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