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The Surprisingly Down-to-Earth Way The Royal Baby’s First Photos Will Be Released

PUBLISHED ON 08/12/2013

Heads up, world — the royal baby's first photo debut could be here quicker than we were ever expecting!

The U.K. based blog, Female First, is reporting that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge , Prince William and Kate Middleton , are planning to unveil photographs of the first-time parents with Prince George via a link on the Clarence House twitter account. The photos, rumored to be taken at home, will show off the more intimate side of the Kate and Will's life with baby Georgie. A source close to the couple is reporting that doling out the photos via Twitter will make the process easier on the couple, saying, "The whole point of these photos is that as many people have access to them who need to and we will find the easiest way of doing that." Twitter, it seems, is the quickest way to make the announcement global.

It certainly wouldn't be the first time Will and Kate left it up to the Interwebs (and more specifically, Twitter), to help spread the word about their baby boy. The couple, just hours after heading off to Bucklebury after taking their son home from the hospital, released the official name of their son via the Clarence House twitter account. Word that royal baby had been born was distributed by an official press release and then rode the Internet wave so hard that every sea to shining sea knew that an heir had arrived. That said, news that the threesome might share their son's first informal photos using the same medium shouldn't come as much of a surprise to anyone.

But here's where it really heats up: People is reporting that Kate could be behind the lens of her son's first photo debut, reporting that Kate and Will may choose to release a set of snapshots taken by Kate and her parents during their stay at the Middleton home in Bucklebury. For a couple that is set on bucking with tradition where appropriate, releasing candid photos of their first weeks home with the newborn son would totally set a cool precedent for the future of the modern royal family.

So, what do you think about the photos being released from Kate's perspective? It goes without saying that the images would be more personal, candid and intimate, and they would offer the world a unique perspective on just how normal the Duke and Duchess are living with a baby boy in tow. It would make them more common (or, at the very least, as common as they could be), more normal and ultimately, more lovable. It's surprising, for sure, but the way they're choosing to let the rest of the world in is natural, down-to-earth and sweet! Who wouldn't want to see a photo snagged by a mama so in love with her newest addition?

For those of us waiting for more formal photos of Baby Cambridge , don't fret! Those will be taken (and released) following the baby's christening, this fall, at the same time that details are released on who the baby's six royal godparents are. (Here's hoping it's Harry!)

Did you share personal or professional photos with friends and family after baby's arrival?

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