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Ivy Jacobson
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This Baby Made It Onto The Big Screen (Thanks To Dad!)

Baby Winter Davis looks cute enough to be in movies, don't you think?

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Grant Davis

Her dad,  Grant Davis , thinks so too, which is why he decided to photoshop an action-packed pose of the 15-month-old into various movie scenes, proving she's definitely ready for her close-up.  (Winter's mom, Brittany Davis, works for The Bump!)

The images, posted to Reddit, have now gone viral.

“I frequently make these silly little images and videos of my daughter to share online with friends and family," Grant, an Austin, Texas, resident told TODAY. “I was amused with the pose in this photo so I decided to see how many ways I could work it into various films and make her pose have different contextual meanings: defensively warding off Godzilla, reaching out for a Snitch, blasting a repulsor ray from her Iron Man glove.”

"I'm very lucky that Grant is a great, fun dad, and Winter is a happy baby. Hopefully Winter will enjoy and appreciate the ever-growing collection of photos when she is older," Brittany told The Bump.

Here are some of our favorites:

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Grant Davis

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Grant Davis

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Grant Davis

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Grant Davis

What's the cutest picture you ever took of your baby?

PHOTO: Grant Davis
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