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This Is Why You Should Never Let the Internet Name Your Baby

PUBLISHED ON 01/14/2014

Can't decide on a baby name? The Internet can help with that! A Canadian couple is gearing up to welcome their newborn daughter in early April and they're having a hell of a time choosing a moniker for their little girl. So they've left it up to the Interwebz. [Cricket, cricket...]

Daddy-to-be Stephen McLaughlin created the website, where he's entrusted the Internet to vote on a first and middle name for his baby girl-on-board. On the site, he wrote, "My name is Stephen and much to the disbelief of my wife, I have decided to let the Internet name* my daughter." The caveat (and the well-placed asterisk) means that Stephen and his Mrs. reserve the right to big the final decision — even if it's not the one that the Internet has chosen.

Here's where the top 15 hopefuls stand as of today, January 14:

From most popular to least first names: Cthulhu (with 29,807 votes), Amelia, Megatron, Luna, Laquisha, Zelda, Charlotte, Streetlamp, Not Zelda, Olivia, Slagathor, Camille, Ixtley, Leslie and bringing up the rear, Elliott (with 1,292).

From most popular to least middle names: All-Spark (with 17,599 votes), Mae, Rose, Doge, Of-the-sea, Le-dash-a, Grace, Salad, Titanium, Sage, Pond, Renee, Dolan, Hero, Amelia (with 835 votes).

Want to cast your vote? You can vote once a day for as many names as you want — but do your best to keep it PC. McLaughlin said recently that while he'd prefer not to remove names from the list, he's already done away with a few sexual position name suggestions as we all as some cheeky STD names.

My personal favorite? Slagathor All-Spark. I wouldn't wanna mess with that girl on the playground.

How did you decide on your baby name?

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