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Tia Mowry Talks Favorite Baby Products, Family Fun and Baby Number 2

PUBLISHED ON 10/12/2012

This week, The Bump caught up with actress and amazing mom Tia Mowry. During a party promoting InGenuity's new washable play yard, the of Cree, 15-months, took some  time to talk to The Bump about her favorite baby products, favorite family traditions, and favorite mom moment.

The Bump : How old is Cree now?

Tia Mowry : He’s 15 months. It’s going by so fast. I just want to put him in a little box so he can slow down! Haha. His little chubby cheeks are slowly going away and I’m just like, “no! I want you to be a chunk munk forever!”

TB : Oh my gosh, I love when babies have big cheeks. I think those are the only baby pictures of me that I liked.

TM : Oh, I know! I’m constantly kissing his cheeks! But he’s getting lean now. We just went to the pediatrician, and Cree is the average size of a 2-year-old and he’s only 15 months. He’s greater than the 95th percentile for height. It’s crazy.

TB : Well congratulations! It sounds like he’s going to be a handsome boy.

TM : Aw, thank you!

TB : So I took at a look at the new line of InGenuity products, and they are amazing! Do you have a preference?

TM : I love the washable play yard! There are so many play yards out there, but they aren't machine washable. I know I personally spend a lot of time hand washing things to make sure they’re clean, and I still worry that it’s not clean enough. But this product, you can take everything off – the mattress, the changing table, everything—and throw it in the wash. It’s practical, quick, and easy which is perfect for moms.

TB : That’s true. And if someone else is watching the baby, it’s easy for them to clean too.

TM : Exactly! Cree always goes to Grandma’s house once a month and this is perfect for that. But I also like the soothing station. It’s important for parents to have some hands-free moments to do what they need to do, so having an entertainment system for the child is great.

TB : Not to mention it’s super soft! I touched it and just wanted to wrap myself in the material.

TM : I know! What can’t we have something like that to put us to sleep?

TB : Because then we’d never wake up. Haha.

TM : That’s so true.

TB : So now that fall has officially arrived, what are some of your favorite family traditions?

TM : I love Thanksgiving. We always spend Thanksgiving together, but every year we rotate home. One year we’ll have it at my house, another year we’ll have it at Tamera’s house, and the next year we’ll have it at my mother’s house. Then after dinner, we head out and go see a movie. It’s so nice and so relaxing.

TB : That sounds perfect. I think Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.

TM : Me too. I mean you’re just sitting around and eating food. You can just relax.

TB : Now I know this isn't Cree’s first Halloween, but now that he’s a little older do you have any plans?

TM : We’re actually going to a pumpkin patch on Monday, and I can’t wait. I might put him in his costume. He’s going as a boxer this year. But I want to buy him a second costume.

TB : You should!

TM : You think? I figured he could wear one to hang out in during the day and one to wear when eh goes out at night. Maybe something a little warmer.

TB : That’s a great idea. You need to do it now before he gets older and doesn't want to dress up at all.

TM : Exactly. But I’m so excited for Halloween. I can’t wait to see him enjoy it this time. Last year he was only 4-months-old. He was a fireman for his first Halloween and it was so cute.

TB : That sounds adorable. It seems like he’s growing up so fast. What’s been your favorite moment as a mom so far?

TM : I can only pick one?! Um, I’d have to say my favorite mom moment is seeing Cree develop and grow. He’s becoming this little man with his own personality. I have become so in love with his little nuances. I sometimes giggle, and he’ll so the same thing, but throw his hand up and his head back. TB : Oh I know exactly when you mean. The girl I nanny for has started copying me. I’ll shake my finger and say “no, no, no,” and she’ll to the same thing. It’s too cute.

TM : Oh, Cree does that too! It’s so precious to me.

TB : So I have to ask, since you’re such a great mom and you love being a mom, do you want to have more kids? I know The Bump would love to see you have kids.

TM : Yes, definitely. Sooner rather than later,

TB : Well now I have something to look forward to! But until he gets a sibling, is Cree excited about his cousin?

TM : Yes! Tamera and I said that we can’t wait to see them together. We actually think they’re going to get together and gang up on us some day. Haha. But it’s funny because Tamera showed me a picture of the ultrasound of her son and she was tripping out. He looked just like Cree did in his ultrasound. We compared pictures and we were blown away. But it makes because we're twins and she and I share the same DNA.

TB : That’s true. I hope they don’t confuse you two.

TM : Haha. I know. We said it’s must be so weird that their mom and aunt look alike.

TB : Yeah, especially because Cree is too young to understand it. How much longer till your nephew arrives?

TM : Tamera’s about to give birth any day now.

TB : Oh that’s amazing. Well best of luck to both of you! I know we can’t wait to hear what happens next.

PHOTO: Photo Credit: Zimbio