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Tiffani Thiessen Helps Families in Need and Encourages Other Moms to Do The Same

PUBLISHED ON 03/27/2012

We were lucky enough to attend a pretty cool event Friday with Tiffani Thiessen (we loved her on Saved By the Bell and 90210, so we were thrilled to meet her!). This time, Tiffani wasn’t playing the girl next door. She was just being herself — a mom who likes to give back.

Tiffani worked with Baby Buggy, an organization that helps needy families, and KIND, a snack company that created what it calls “The KIND Movement.” Each month KIND challenges people to carry out specific acts of kindness — things like holding a door open for a parent with a stroller or sending care packages to wounded war veterans. This month, KIND reached its goal number of acts of kindness, and in return, it and Baby Buggy donated diapers (we’re talking a lot of diapers) to families at shelters and community organizations such as LSA Family Health Service in New York City. And Tiffani was there to help hand them out (and play with a few of the adorable babies while she was at it).

“I know how hard it is and how expensive it is to raise a kid,” said Tiffani. “These are tools to help make sure these babies are well taken care of a little easier.” And considering that a pack of diapers can cost as much as a minimum wage worker might earn a few hours, this little act of kindness goes a long way. “It’s reassuring knowing that people are doing kind things for each other,” said Tiffani of the KIND Movement. We agree.

Big or small, what ways have you found to give back to your community or to help others?

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