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Today’s Biggest Celebrity Pregnancy Announcements!

PUBLISHED ON 01/24/2013

We already had our hands full with all of 2013's pregnancy announcements and today, there's more!

Country singing sensation Chely Wright is expecting identical twins with her wife Lauren Blitzer-Wright! The mom-to-be says, "We're excited to be parent's and we home we don't mess it up too badly!" Fat chance of that happening, mama! Chely also went on to say, "We feel like God blessed us with twins. We feel our entire relationship has been blessed. We feel lucky and ready to take on the challenges."

We are so excited for these two leading ladies and can't wait to see how her pregnancy develops!

Next up, we've got a huge congratulations to send to The Biggest Loser stars Sam Poueu and Stephanie Anderson, who are expecting their first child in July! After surviving a terrifying fall from a fire escape in 2011, Poueu has no doubts that his partner, Anderson, will make a great mom! He said, "Just from the experience of having her being my caretaker post-accident, it was a dead giveaway that she'd be a fantastic mother. That was an early sign for me that our child is going to have the best mother ever." But the daddy-to-be is already fulfilling some serious fatherly roles, too. Expectant mom Anderson says, "Sam has been wonderful. He rubs my feet!" Aw! What a guy!

And lastly, for all our Young and the Restless fans, actress Julia Pace Mitchell is expecting a baby boy with husband Stephen L. Hightower and she;s due in May! She gushed, "I feel so blessed and hopeful about becoming a mommy for the first time." This isn't the first pregnancy for the mommy-to-be, though. Her character Sofia Winters famously delivered on screen, though, Mitchell jokes that she's sure "giving birth in real life will take a lot longer than on TV!" We wish her all the best in her pregnancy, as she prepares for the arrival of a baby boy. The couple plan to give their little guy a family name, Stephen L. Hightower III.

We are overflowing with excitement and wish all of the mama-to-be's the best as they await their precious bundles!

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