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This Cute 2-Year-Old Can Name Every Single Dinosaur: Watch

Prehistoric knowledge before preschool.
PUBLISHED ON 09/20/2016

Toddler word mispronunciations are adorable, hilarious and completely inevitable. But you won’t find any here: A very impressive 2-year-old from Scotland can name even the most obscure dinosaurs, and we have adorable footage to prove it.

From the famed T-rex to the lesser known Spinosaurus, Noel can name each and every toy dinosaur his mom shows him. (Sure, you might not quite be able to understand them all, but we don’t expect this triassic toddler to be able to fully enunciate just yet.)

While Noel’s impressive knowledge of dinos caught our attention, it’s his good manners that completely won us over. Each time mom hands him a toy or praises him, Noel squeaks out a sincere, “Thank you!”

Look at that face!

The concentration!

This isn’t the first time Noel’s achieved viral fame. If you think those glasses and that accent seem familiar, it’s probably because you saw his Batman video earlier this year. (If you missed it, mom Laura Hopkins films Noel blaming his misbehavior on the superhero.)

We’re glad to see Noel has moved onto a less mischievous hobby. If you want to help your toddler expand his or her vocabulary like Noel, check out our tips for encouraging speech development. Be patient, start simple and don’t stop talking! You are your child’s best teacher.

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