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For Dinner Tonight: Tomato Basil Eggplant Parmesan For Mother’s Day!

PUBLISHED ON 05/12/2013

Layers of eggplant, cheese and tomato sauce: have I died and gone to the Wonderful World of Italian Food? No, but here on earth I'm certainly close enough! This delicious, nutritious and totally divine meatless dish is the perfect way kick-start a brand new week of hard work — and the only way to celebrate your mama (and yourself!) on Mother's Day.

Moms, you work hard. Every day. Nonstop. All the time. _ Today, it's all about you _. What better way to say I love you, mama than to load up on all the feel good foods in your pantry (better yet: why not send your partner out to the store to pick up the ingredients!). This no-mess crowd favorite is a great brunch, lunch or even dinner option if you plan on hosting the whole family or just enjoying a quiet meal with your gang.

To make the meal even more rewarding (like that's possible!), try whipping up a fresh chunky tomato sauce with tons of herbs and spices. It'll compliment the meal and it's an easy way to sneak extra veggies on to the plate!

We love it 'cause you can serve it with pasta, over roasted veggies or with a crisp refreshing salad on the side — the possibilities are totally endless (not to mention totally tasty, too!). The tomato and basil combination is one we all know and love. If the kids are skeptics of the eggplant, cook up some chicken on the side instead (or feel free to substitute your own

Ready to pack a little punch tonight at the dinner table? Head on over to for this gorgeous Tomato Basil Eggplant Parmesan recipe! (And tell a friend to try it, too!)

Do you ever cook strictly vegetarian meals for your family?

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