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Parents of Twin Babies Treat Everyone on Airplane To Candy

PUBLISHED ON 09/05/2012

We've all been in this situation . The plane is about to take off and you spot (or rather, hear the screams of) a baby a few seats back. When you were just a passenger, you would roll your eyes and crank up the iPod. But what do you do when you become the parent of the screaming baby?

Apparently, all you need is a little candy.

On Monday, the parents of 14-week-old twins boarded a flight and passed out goody bags to their fellow passengers. In the bag, filled with all sorts of treats, the parents included the following message.

"Hello! We're twin baby boys on our first flight, and we're only 14 weeks old. We'll try to be on our best behavior, but we'd like to apologize in advance just in case we lose our cool, get scared, or our ears hurt. Our Mom and Dad (AKA our portable milk machine and our diaper changer) have ear plugs available if you need them. We are all sitting in 20E and 20F if you want to come by a get a pair. Have a great flight!"

A Reddit user, who posted a photo of the goody bags , applauded the parents for their courtesy and dubbed them "brilliant and generous." Some, however, were confused by the efforts. A fellow passenger felt it was a little much, commenting that the passengers are  "all adults who can understand that babies are prone to bouts of crying."

Although it seems the pre-apology wasn't necessary, the user reported that, "the parents were fantastic, and the kids were better than would be expected."

What do you think of the pre-apology bags? Was this too much or a genius thing to do?

PHOTO: Photo Credit: Reddit