These Are Nameberry’s Picks for the Top 100 Baby Names of 2020

One increasing trend? Parents’ desire for more individual baby names.
ByNehal Aggarwal
Associate Editor
May 2020

In the absence of the Social Security Administration’s top baby names of 2019, popular naming website, Nameberry, is bringing back one of their old traditions: creating a list of the top 100 baby names, (according to them).

Of course, the list is entirely subjective and the data is sourced from a wide variety of sources, including the hottest naming trends across the country, recent celebrity birth announcements and names on popularity charts in other countries, as well. The names on the list also tend towards the more unique side, as Nameberry has found an increasing amount of parents want individuality for their children.

There is one spoiler: they left the last spot blank and are asking expectant parents to help suggest a great name to fill the spot. You can find more information here. Without further ado, here are their picks for the top 100 baby names of 2020, as well as the gender they are most popular in.

Nameberry’s Top 100 Baby Names for 2020

  1. Abiah (gender neutral)
  2. Afton (for girls)
  3. Alistair (for boys)
  4. Ambrose (for boys)
  5. Anais (for girls)
  6. Aurelia (for girls)
  7. Ayla (for girls)
  8. Banks (for boys)
  9. Barnaby (for boys)
  10. Beatrix (for girls)
  11. Boaz (for boys)
  12. Bonnie (for girls)
  13. Boone (for boys)
  14. Caius, Caio (for boys)
  15. Calix (for boys)
  16. Caspian (for boys)
  17. Chester (for boys)
  18. Cillian (for boys)
  19. Cleo, Clio (for girls)
  20. Cormac (for boys)
  21. Cosette (for girls)
  22. Daphne (for girls)
  23. Darwin (for boys)
  24. Dexter (gender neutral)
  25. Django (for boys)
  26. Eames (for boys)
  27. Edie (for girls)
  28. Elio (for boys)
  29. Elowen (for girls)
  30. Emrys (for boys)
  31. Enzo (for boys)
  32. Etta (for girls)
  33. Evander (for boys)
  34. Fitz (for boys)
  35. Fletcher (for boys)
  36. Florence (for girls)
  37. Frida (for girls)
  38. Gaia (for girls)
  39. Gemma (for girls)
  40. Gene (gender neutral)
  41. Halston (for boys)
  42. Harriet (for girls)
  43. Hawthorn, Hawthorne (for boys)
  44. Honor (for girls)
  45. Hugo (for boys)
  46. Huxley (for boys)
  47. Idris (for boys)
  48. Imogen (for girls)
  49. Indy, Indie (for girls)
  50. Ira (gender neutral)
  51. Isidore (for boys)
  52. Jericho (gender neutral)
  53. Joni (for girls)
  54. Jubilee (for girls)
  55. Laurie (gender neutral)
  56. Lavender (for girls)
  57. Leander (for boys)
  58. Lumi (for girls)
  59. Lyra (for girls)
  60. Mabel (for girls)
  61. Mae (for girls)
  62. Maxine (for girls)
  63. Mercer (gender neutral)
  64. Miro (for boys)
  65. Nancy (for girls)
  66. Ned (for boys)
  67. Nikolai (for boys)
  68. Noble (for boys)
  69. Octavia (for girls)
  70. Odette (for girls)
  71. Opal (for girls)
  72. Ozias (for boys)
  73. Paloma (for girls)
  74. Phineas (for boys)
  75. Phoebe (for girls)
  76. Primrose (for girls)
  77. Rafa (for girls)
  78. Rainier (for boys)
  79. Remus (for boys)
  80. Rex (gender neutral)
  81. Rosemary (for girls)
  82. Seren (gender neutral)
  83. Soleil (for girls)
  84. Stanley (gender neutral)
  85. Sullivan (gender neutral)
  86. Sonny (gender neutral)
  87. Sunday (for girls)
  88. Thayer (for boys)
  89. Theodora (for girls)
  90. Torin (for boys)
  91. Truly (gender neutral)
  92. Vada (for girls)
  93. Vander (for boys)
  94. Viggo (for boys)
  95. Wells (for boys)
  96. Winifred (for girls)
  97. Xanthe (for girls)
  98. Zeb (for boys)
  99. Ziva (for girls)

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