Tori Spelling Accused of Knocking Off This Baby Company's Designs: What Do You Think?

We know a lot of baby gear looks alike. But this is a unique situation.
ByAnisa Arsenault
Associate Editor
Oct 2017
Tori Spelling in baby's green nursery
Photo: Michael Simon/Startraks

Last week at the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas, Tori Spelling unveiled her new Baby by Tori collection. The line includes diaper bags and crib bedding—the latter of which some people think looks pretty familiar.

To be fair, a lot of baby gear looks the same. The problem? This bedding, including braided bumpers and knot pillows, looks just like decor gifted to Spelling by Canadian company Juju & Jake in June for baby Beau’s nursery.

The company expressed their disappointment in a comment on Spelling’s since-deleted Instagram.

Spelling has yet to respond to any of the comments. Currently, none of the products in her new line, except for three diaper bags, can be found anywhere online. Should they become available, though, know that bumpers are not approved by the American Academy of Pediatrics because of the suffocation risk they can pose to baby.

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