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Sarah Yang

Tori Spelling Is Kinda Sad About Her Daughter’s First Word — Were You?

PUBLISHED ON 05/30/2012

Looks like Tori Spelling’s 7-month-old daughter Hattie Margaret is a daddy’s girl — her first word was “Dada.” Tori wrote on her website that she was happy about the milestone, but also a little disappointed that it wasn’t “Mama.” She said, “I’m sure that mamas everywhere can agree that I wouldn’t be human if somewhere inside, beneath the beaming pride I felt about her accomplishment, there wasn’t a little sadness that her first word wasn’t, “Mama.”

Tori’s son, Liam’s first word was “Dada,” but her other daughter Stella’s was “Mama.” Tori wrote that Hattie was the tie-breaker: “For seven months, she’s been our little neutral party. Or so I thought! Were she and Dean secretly plotting this all along?” The mom of three (with another one on the way) said that she’s working on getting Hattie to say “Mama.”

Tori, don’t worry! Maybe the score will even out with your next baby.

What was your baby’s first word? Would you be upset if your baby said “Dada” first?

PHOTO: Twitter