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Trend Alert! Kelly Clarkson’s Baby Name Pick Works For A Baby Boy — Or Girl

PUBLISHED ON 12/06/2013

Are unisex baby names the next red-hot naming trend? Mama-to-be Kelly Clarkson sure thinks so. The singer, who recently announced she is expecting, went live on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to tell the world that she's already got a moniker picked out — and she's not even worried that it might not 'match' baby's gender! She told Ellen, "I just want to know [the baby's gender]. And it doesn’t even matter because, honestly, the name we’ve picked, if it’s a boy or a girl, it’s the same name."

All jokes aside, this woman is eager, y'all! First she said she and her new husband were trying like "rabbits" to get pregnant and now she's already picked a name. By birth, she'll have baby's college education all set (and here I am, still trying to get out of paying the next installment of my college loan). Anyway...

Kelly swears the name isn't too far out-of-the-box, but it's not something that just any ole somebody could guess. She told Ellen, "You won’t guess it. It’s a random name. But it’s not like… ‘Blue Jazz.’ It’s not going to be a weird name."

So, in the spirit of the season, we did some guessing! Here are our top 10 picks for Kelly Clarkson's unisex baby name:











Did you pick a unisex name for baby? If so, how'd you do it?

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