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profile picture of Sarah Yang
Sarah Yang

Trying To Conceive Can Make A Guy Impotent Or Even Cheat!

PUBLISHED ON 05/22/2012

Don’t pressure your guy too much if you’re trying to get pregnant. According to the Daily Mail, if you put a lot of pressure on your partner during ovulation time, it can drive him away. Researchers found that because of babymaking pressure, one in 10 men who’d been trying to conceive with their partners for about a year had an affair and four out of 10 men claimed the pressure to make a baby made them impotent.

When the guys were forced to have sex because it was ovulation time, their stress levels increased — which could have affected their testosterone levels. Experts wrote in the study, “It is clear that the greater instances of timed intercourse trials, the more incidences of erectile dysfunction and extramarital sex and the greater the desire to avoid sex with the intended partner.” Timing sex with ovulation made sex a burden for some guys. Researchers suggest that couples try timing sex and ovulation for no more than three months in a row and take a break for a few months in between to de-stress.

Do you think timing sex causes stress? Are you or your guy stressed about babymaking?