Watch This Boy Find Out He’s Going to Be a Big Brother

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ByAnisa Arsenault
Associate Editor
Feb 2016
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Photo: Facebook

Is it the British accent? His polite articulation? His disbelief? Maybe it’s the whole package, but 5-year-old Ethan’s reaction to becoming a big brother might just be the best we’ve seen yet.

“Is it in your belly? Are you really having a baby? Is it in there?” he fires off a litany of questions for mom Sarah Bromby, who posted the video on Facebook.

“I’m going to be a big brother!” he squeals. Followed by a very serious, “I hope you’re not joking.”

Bromby also expertly dodged Ethan’s “Where do babies come from?” question.

“Why did you make it?” he asks.

“Um, cause we did. Do you want to be a big brother?” she says, steering the conversation back towards his excitement.

Need advice for telling your child you’re expecting? If he’s old enough to understand, you’ll want to be sure to communicate that you and your partner won’t have as much time to spend with him. But you’ll also want to maintain as much normalcy as possible. (Read more here.)

As for navigating the birds and the bees question? We recommend checking out how other parents handled it on our community boards — both for advice and for a laugh.

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