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Unbelievable! Mom Delivers Baby In Bookstore

PUBLISHED ON 10/23/2013

In what's got to be the fastest labor and delivery the world has maybe ever seen, one mama delivered her newborn five to ten minutes after stepping foot inside a Torrance, California Barnes & Noble bookstore. I know, it's not even enough to time to order a latte and settle in to a cozy chair, but it looks like baby had other plans!

Though mom and baby boy's names have yet to be released, onlookers say that around 7:30, a scream settled over the bookstore. From the details, it was clear that the laboring mama knew that baby was coming — and fast. Firefighters were called to the scene and minutes later, the bookstore broke into a round of applause after baby was safely delivered.

Captain Steve Deuel of the Torrance Fire Department spoke with the LA Times and said, "I don’t know if it happened near the classics or the nonfiction section — but it was definitely smack dab in the store lobby. He added that both mama and baby are doing well and are at a nearby hospital. Another firefighter, Evan Wogoman, who was on-scene and helped deliver, said, "The most surprising thing was how smoothly it went. She wasn't planning on giving birth in a bookstore." There's also no word on whether this was mama's first or second baby, but from the sound of it, the quick labor caught everybody by total surprise.

The Daily Breeze spoke with the manager of the Barnes & Noble, Marchelle Hughes, who said, "It’s an awkward kind of event to happen. It’s in a public place, but it really turned into a tender moment for a lot of people. We’ve had customers calling today asking if we’re going to send a gift basket and commenting on how wonderful it is. It was just an amazing event for everyone."

And while details on baby's name are still hush-hush out of respect for the new family, here's hoping that mama choose something meaningful, iconic — and 100 percent literary!

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