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New ‘Napercise’ Workout Class Is a Sleepy Parent’s Dream

At this gym, REM cycles count as interval training.
PUBLISHED ON 05/02/2017

Here’s one exercise class that will do your body good. Weights won’t be needed, but a pillow might be.

David Lloyd Clubs, a chain of British gyms and fitness clubs, are now offering a new group fitness class called “ Napercise.” Yes, you read that right. And yes, it’s exactly what you think: a group napping class.

For 45 minutes, you’ll get to do some REM cycles alongside other exhausted moms and dads in the club’s studios. These classes were created in order to boost mental and physical well-being, and help reinvigorate the burnt-out parent. And if you’re lucky, you may even torch a calorie a two.

Sadly, these nap classes are only available in the UK (wake up America!). But that doesn’t mean we’ve slept through this wave of unique fitness classes. (Or that you have to go to the gym just to take a nap).

Original Strength, a fitness company based in North Carolina with pop-up workshops around the country, beefs up clients by making them crawl like a baby.

Not all workouts require you to leave the house though. You won’t whine about this one:

And for a real multitasking challenge, there’s always breastfeeding workouts.

But don’t get too cocky with all your new gains. You’ll never be as strong as this baby who planked for 34 seconds!

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