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profile picture of Elena Donovan Mauer
Elena Donovan Mauer
Contributing Writer

Would You Get Vaginal “Face Lift” After Baby? Thousands Are

PUBLISHED ON 08/27/2012

During childbirth, a woman's vagina does amazing things, but afterwards it's not always exactly the same. (If you're pregnant, don't freak out. This does not happen to everyone and based on the moms we know, big change seems like an anomaly.) That's one of the reasons, according to Reuters, thousands of women every year turn to vaginoplasty, a procedure that surgically tightens the vagina.

So would you get plastic surgery to give your, um, "down there" parts a boost? Well, considering some women cite a lack of sexual pleasure as the reason they get vaginal plastic surgery, we wouldn't blame you if you said yes. But some doctors say vaginal surgeries shouldn't be done as often as they are. "None of these procedures have proven effectiveness, and there is potential for harm," wrote Dr. Cheryl Iglesia, a Washington, D.C., gynecologist and former ACOG committee member, in the journal Obstetrics and Gynecology. "Women are being misled or are confused about what is normal." And some conditions can be helped with non-surgical treatment, she says. And what's also scary are the potential side effects of vaginal procedures, according to Reuters: "infections, scarring, pain and the loss of the very sensations some patients seek to enhance."

What do you think of vaginoplasty? Would you ever consider having it done? Take our poll!

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PHOTO: Shutterstock
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