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Vanessa Carlton Is Expecting!

PUBLISHED ON 06/26/2014

Guess who can't be walking 1000 miles anymore? Yup, Vanessa Carlton is pregnant! (But, if you read our post on exercise, you know that she'll still have to get some workouts in.)

The singer posted a picture of her bump on her Facebook page, making the pregnancy announcement official. The bad news? This pending baby means a delay on her upcoming album, Liberman. As someone with every VC album from "Be Not Nobody" to "Rabbits on the Run," I'm crushed. But I'm doing my best to be happy for her.

"I can now reveal the reason as to why Liberman will not be released until next summer. See the picture below," she wrote in the post. "No, those aren't a bunch of croissants. We're expecting a baby."

This is the first child for Carlton and husband John McCauley, the singer of the band Deer Tick. (Stevie Nicks officiated their 2013 wedding, by the by.)

Carlton suffered a miscarriage that same year, experiencing an ectopic pregnancy. So we're glad to hear the baby is "healthy and moving around like a champ."

It's ironic that today, we also did a post about White Houses.

Which celebrity babies are you excited for?

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