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Watch Pregnant Women Make Their Bumps Literally Disappear

No, these aren't before-and-after shots.
PUBLISHED ON 05/18/2017

In the third trimester, especially, a baby bump can be hard to miss. But one fitness technique seems to magically make that bump disappear—if only for a few moments.

The technique, called the Belly Pump, is part of the Bloom Method, a fitness routine designed specifically for women who are pregnant, postpartum or trying to conceive. Started by Brooke Cates, CPT, CES, HHC, CRS, the goal is to increase strength, properly engage the pelvic floor muscles (think: kegels) and promote speedy recovery after delivery. What you're seeing in these 'disappearing bump' videos are core strengthening exercises.

What's going on? The women are using diaphragmatic breath and deep core engagement to activate transverse abdominal muscles. Essentially, this combination contracts both the pelvic floor and the deep core muscles, lifting baby up into the rib cage.

Cates tells Babble it's perfectly safe and offers additional benefits for delivery and beyond, like an average of 30 minutes of pushing and prevention of diastasis recti.

It's important to keep in mind that the women featured have been properly trained in the Belly Pumps and the Bloom Method, mastering diaphragmatic breath and then learning how to activate their deep core. Cates offers online training, personal training sessions and group sessions at her studio in Boulder, Colorado.