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Sarah Yang

Water-Inspired Baby Names

PUBLISHED ON 06/26/2012

There's no doubt you'll be hitting the beach or the pool this summer. So why not take your days spent in the water and use it for baby name inspiration? We really love ocean or water-inspired baby names. They're unique and will probably remind you of relaxing and lazy summer days. Check out our picks:

Water-Themed Girls' Names:  Marina, Lake, Rainey, Brooke, Darya (a Persian name that means "the sea"), Tallulah (a Native American name that means "leaping water")

Water-Themed Boys' Names: River, Dylan (it means "son of the sea"), Adrian (which is inspired by the Adriatic Sea), Ford ("river crossing"), Nile, Hudson

What do you think of these water-themed baby names? What will you name your baby?