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profile picture of Shannon Guyton
Shannon Guyton
Contributing Writer

We’re All Hugging Our Kids Tighter Today

PUBLISHED ON 12/14/2012

The sound of my kids coming home from school today has never sounded sweeter. Their bickering, their loudness, their messes and their interruptions have never been more welcome. I will be hugging them tighter, longer, and they won't know what has gotten into me today.

In a world where it doesn’t seem like anything has shock value these days, the news of the Sandy Hook shooting has left everyone shaken to the core and hearts breaking everywhere. As parents, we know the feeling of having our hearts outside our bodies and what it would mean to lose them. Many parents had to learn what this was truly like today. This tragedy questions so many things, but most importantly 1) How could a human being do this 2) Is there no safe place in the world for children? I have no answers.

What I do have is infinite tears for the truly innocent souls lost today and the parents who will mourn their losses. How the holidays will forever be a reminder of the last time they said “have a good day at school". To all of those parents and families involved I want to say we are all thinking of you, holding your hands, sharing your tears. I hope you feel our love.

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PHOTO: Shutterstock / The Bump