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What’s Kate Middleton’s Baby Shower Going To Be Like?

PUBLISHED ON 12/19/2012

Unless you've been living well beneath a rock, you've heard the news 'round the world that a royal wee one is on its way! While we're drooling in anticipation for the future prince (or princess!) we're sick with wonder over whether or not Kate Middleton is going to have a baby shower? (Hint: we're really pulling for a televised shower - just like the royal wedding!)

Since showers are a commonplace American tradition, we're going to go with yes! But just because it's something that everyone (usually) has doesn't mean Kate will sign up for a shower or that palace traditions will allow her to have one.  So, if there is no shower in the future for Kate, we're rooting for a blessingway instead, which is also incredibly common. Friends and family gather at a blessingway to spend time with the expectant mom and wish her well _without _gifts. And since Kate would most likely be showered with unlimited lavish, luxurious gifts, we don't think a blessingway is too far off for the Duchess, whose made a name by for herself by being a woman completely of the people.

She might even donate her gifts to her favorite charity of choice. But we've got a sneaky feeling that Kate will have a royal shower, with the Queen and other members of the Palace and then have a separate, intimate shower, with family and close friends.

Do you think Kate Middleton will have a baby shower?

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