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profile picture of Shannon Guyton
Shannon Guyton
Contributing Writer

When To Share The News You’re Pregnant

PUBLISHED ON 12/04/2012

As excited as I was to hear about the royal baby on the way yesterday (I’ll admit it, I squealed), I couldn’t help but wonder how Kate and Will were feeling about letting the world in on their intimate news. They may have had to share the news about their baby on the way a little earlier than they might have liked, due to Kate’s hospitalization with hyperemesis gravidarum.

In my first pregnancy, I had all the naïve faith in the world that unprotected sex = pregnancy = you have a baby. I excitedly shared my pregnancy news with my parents, in-laws and friends at 6 weeks. Everyone was over the moon for their first grandchild! But, I was about to learn a big lesson: sometimes things don’t go the way you dream. Sometimes pregnancy sucks, sometimes your baby cries all day and you want to check yourself into an asylum hotel, and sometimes pregnancy doesn’t last at all. Literally, the day after I shared the news, I ended up miscarrying. Not only was that heartbreaking and difficult to bear, but I had to also go “un-tell” all of my loved ones. It felt like I had played a cruel joke on everyone — I had given them an amazing gift and then I had to take it away and feel their pain over the baby’s loss as well my own.

A tight-lipped year later, and on my third pregnancy, I waited the full first trimester before announcing the baby. I'm not saying everyone needs to wait that long — but for me, it was easier to wade through those first uncertain weeks with as much caution tape surrounding my hopeful heart as I needed, without having to explain to anyone why I wasn’t jumping for joy quite yet.

So when anyone announces their pregnancy before their first trimester is up, even though I know statistically it will probably be fine — my joy at the news is always is tinged with an internal pang and hope that everything is going to be okay.

When did you share the news you were pregnant?