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Why It’s Okay For Your Son To Be A “Mama’s Boy”

PUBLISHED ON 04/09/2012

Mama’s boys get a bad rap — they’re seen as weak, and unable to socialize, and the poor wife of a mama’s boy will never ever measure up to his mother. Well, one author challenges this stereotype with her new book, The Mama’s Boy Myth. Author Kate Lombardi talked to NPR about how a close mother-son relationship is actually beneficial. According to NPR, Lombardi believes that the stigma of close mother-son relationships can be traced back to Sigmund Freud’s Oedipus complex (the idea that a son is in love with his mom and wants to kill his dad!).

Lombardi writes in her book that a close relationship between mom and son doesn’t have to involve sexual attraction or weakness. She tells NPR, “A healthy, loving relationship is one where the mom is emotionally supportive of her son. She recognizes his individuality, his sensitivity and his vulnerability along with his strengths.” While researching the book, she found that boys who aren’t close with their mothers are often more aggressive and disobedient. Plus, a close mom/son relationship will help boys succeed in relationships later on in life – by helping them understand women and discuss their feelings.

If you have a son, do you have a close relationship with him? Do you think Mama’s Boys get stereotyped?

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